Dual WAN, simple setup help.

  • Hello all :)

    Im trying to setup a network with 2 Wan's and 1 lan.

    The use of it is simply to keep a low latency,
    (exmple if downloading, the traffic should be directed to the other wan, to ensure a low latency)
    and a always connection, even when 1 of the Wan's is down.

    At the moment i have a cabel wan 50/4 mbit and a 20/1 mbit.
    the cabel is as "wan" and the dsl as "opt1", these are both directly into my computer with 3 network cards all 1 gbit, witch is installed with pfsense (ofc)
    from the lan its directly into a switch where my computers / xbox etc are connected.
    both wan's are running on DHCP adressed ip's witch pfsense is optaining, so no routers ahead of pfsense.

    Pfsense is setup with a pretty standart setup, except i have added a loadbalance gateway, with wan pinging at wan's gateway, and opt1 pinging at opt1's gateway.

    My problem is that atm, im only running on the wan, and not the opt1, it never balances over to the dsl (opt1).

    What im aiming for, is that if my roommate is heavy downloading, it should be downloading on the 50 mbit cabel (wan), and then i start playing online, then i would be using the other connection to ensure a low latency.

    I have been reading things like "http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/MultiWanVersion1.2" and "http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Tutorials" but i dont fully understand how to make pfsense use both connection, and shaping the traffic corretly.

    Thank you  :)

  • You could add your mac address under
    Diagnostics -> DHCP leases
    so you would get the same ip every time.
    then you can control where traffic should go out.

  • Hey and thanks for your reply :)

    Im not sure if i understand you, or if you misunderstod my problem :P

    I do not have any problems with my local ipadresses staying on my local machines.

    Here is alittle extra info :

    As you can see in the interface here, all the traffic at the moment is going in/out of "WAN interface (re1)"

    The solution im gennerly looking for, is for my 2 wans to be as 1.

    So i standart network, just with 2 connection, and the benefits that comes with that, like fallover connection, low latency etc :)

    So basicly my problem is atm, that my current setup is only utilizing one of the connections :P

    Thank you again :)

  • I think your forgetting to change your outbound LAN rule to use the LoadBalance pool you have setup!

  • ahh yes i see :)

    Thats what i have made now, and the download deffently seems to be working brilliant now, seems all traffic im downloading now is using both interfaces :) (pulling over 100 mbit out of the download now :P )

    Thou.. the upload has been weakned :S, i can only pull about 1 mbit out of the upload now.

    im prolly missing a rule, of have set the rule up wrong :P

    Thanks again :D

  • Don't confuse your self - If you browse to http://www.whatismyip.com/ and hit F5 (refresh) you should see your IP change each time. This is because each time you hit F5 a new session is created and fired out the next available modem on port 80 in a Round_Robin fashion.

    People uploading from you, say on a website you host will still be coming in via just one modem and will still be limited to that modems upload capability.

    In order for you to make full use of both wan links you will need to use something that makes use of multiple session that can be fired out each modem e.g. peer to peer software like emule or uTorrent.

    I tend to keep the traffic separate and send priority traffic out one interface and bulk out another this is the simplest form of traffic shaping. You could implement full traffic shaping but it is quite complicated to get right and can make it worse if you get it wrong - you might want to wait till 2 come out of Alpha before you try it.

    What you have set up will make use of both WAN links.

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