2.4.3 - Rebranding?

  • Hi all!

    Rebranding of 2.4.3: Is this allowed according to the license?
    If so, how can it be done the best way?


  • The only allowed way is to build the whole thing yourself using sources from https://github.com/pfsense/pfsense and calling the end product something else than "PfSense", the build.conf configuration file is where you change the name. Be warned that the project provides no support for the build process, you better know a thing or two about FreeBSD and stuff like pkg repositories before trying it yourself.

  • You can't really modify the software in any meaningful way that I'm aware of. The pfSense logos are pretty hardcoded with svg files instead of images. I know there were tutorials in the past about replacing images (on 2.1 I think) but that won't work now and hasn't for a while. If you see those pages come up, just ignore them. I'd love the ability to change the color of the logos in the SVG files to match the themes I create but I doubt you could replace them altogether. Licensing allows you to label the box it is built in but not the software itself. You can create custom themes in CSS to help "brand" the device but it's more of a customization than anything. The licensing is pretty flexible as long as everything is clear and above-board.

    I think the big concern (and I could be wrong here) is people selling "pfSense" boxes where the consumer would likely believe it was produced and supported by Netgate. If you go on Amazon and search for pfSense you'll see a lot of matches. I know if I were to purchase one that it's just hardware and I would need to support it myself. The average non-technical or semi-technical person could reasonably assume those boxes are official when they aren't. If I told a client how great pfSense was and they went online and saw those they could likely think they are just resellers, which they aren't. They would have an expectation on Netgate for quality and support, which they wouldn't. I would consider that fraudulent. The consumer suffers, Netgate suffers, and some third-party company make a few bucks.

    My 2 cents. Hope that helps.

  • Thanks for the info.

    Ant chance there exists a whitelabelling-alternative that can be paid for?

  • Contact netgate support, they will tell you if the wish to sell you a rebranded version

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