WANS going offline randomly

  • This is more of a solution than a cry for help, so if you are getting this issue with dpinger reporting your wan is offline....

    I have multiwan connection, specifically using two DSL connections. I kept noticing my WANS would randomly drop out, one more often than the other. Sound familiar?

    Here is what I found to be the issue and this could be the same with a single WAN also. I was monitoring googles DNS servers, one of my WANS was looking at and the other was looking at

    After a lot of trouble shooting and reading on here, I was noticing in my logs that the latency was creeping into the 5000ms time range, this is when the WAN would drop out, reconnect some time later with a new IP from my ISP.

    The fix so far is, I changed the addresses I am looking at, I also dumped Google's DNS server IPs for some others including my own ISP, of which is not the fastest DNS which is the reason I was using Google.

    Since the change, I have not had a drop out, the logs look good for the past 24 hours, no high latency issues with the dpinger. I am not sure what is up with Google's DNS, maybe someone is attacking the DNS randomly causing slow downs, or maybe Google is noticing too many people using the DNS as measurement tool and restricting the use by temporarily blocking ICMP or something to that effect.

    Just thought I would share this with everyone..

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