Can't access the firewall using WAN IP address in remote location

  • I have installed pfsense 2.3.2 version. I have 2 NIC port. One is for WAN and one is for LAN. For WAN i'm using dedicated IP address. The problem is, when I access the firewall in the remote location using WAN dedicated IP address, it can't accessible. Even ping also not getting replied. But the internet is working fine. When I access the firewall using the WAN IP address in the internal network, it's accessible. Bcuz of this reason, I can't able to do NATTING in my network. Please do the needful. If you have any doubt please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  • By default all inbound trafic on WAN is blocked.
    You'll have to add firewall rules to WAN interface if you want to enable access from outside.

  • 0_1533377044668_screenshot- 8888-2018-08-04-15-32-17.png

    This is my firewall WAN rules. Last rule added just a few minutes before. But still it's not working.

    and one more thing is that i have enables https for web access and port number is 8888(LAN : https:///

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    @aryvart said in Can't access the firewall using WAN IP address in remote location:

    I have installed pfsense 2.3.2 version

    Huh?? The current download version is 2.3.5 for 32bit or pretty much anyone else on the planet 2.4.3 how is it your are installing 2.3.2??? which is from July of 2016..

    WAN i'm using dedicated IP address

    WTF is that? Is it rfc1918 or public?

    Also if that is your wan, whre are the block rfc1918 and bogon which are default. What I suggest is reinstall pfsense using current version.. Leave it default settings. If you need to remote into this then setup openvpn since opening up your gui to the public internet is BAD!!

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