Best Processing Power vs Power Efficiency Compromise - Home Gigabit

  • Hello,
    I'm new to Pfsense and I have been browsing for a few days trying to understand what would give me the power I need for the feature set I'm looking for while trying to minimize power consumption and noise.


    • Future: VPN Client (Maximize bandwidth on a 1Gbps link)
    • Future: VPN Server
    • Future: IDS
    • QoS

    Hardware Preferences

    • Small form factor (mini/micro ITX?)
    • Passive cooling is preferred
    • Dual nic is fine (3-4 would be nice to have)
    • Intel nics
    • Ability to handle 1Gpbs w/o maxing-out resources (future proof)
    • Power efficient (not sure about what I should be shooting for here in terms of power consumption while idling vs full load, etc).
    • Processor supports AES-NI

    Ideally I would like to spend ~$300 but I'm open to any suggestions.
    I'm looking to build something I can use for a good number of years.

    Any recommendations based on your own experience would be greatly appreciated.

    R. Rod

  • For 300, pcengines hardware would probably be available (APU2)
    AFAIK, it does not do full GB, but pretty close.

    I have no experience with it (yet). I'm still debating whether to buy an APU2C4 or an SG3100 (at more than double the cost).

    I'm near Zurich, so PCEngines is really a local business here. The price is another factor, but given the intended lifespan of the system, it's not all down to price.


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