Web Configurator browsing is slow

  • Hi, Good day.

    So I've setup a traffic shaping using the wizard and enabled the P2P Catch all option and gave the P2P traffic 1% of upload and download bandwidth. My Network traffic improved dramatically, but im having a difficulty browsing the PFSense web configurator because i set the web configurator port to port: 11001. Now the shaper flagged the traffic as P2P. I have added rules in floating and LAN to assign the traffic to high priority queue but no traffic is passing to this rule.
    Please see the attached images
    1_1533524195921_LAN-Rule-to_allow_webconf.PNG 0_1533524195921_Floating-Rule-to_allow_webconf.PNG 0_1533524478599_Resource-monitor_network.png


  • Sorry for my ignorance. Solved this problem.
    it was going trough the voip queue and as i looked in voip queue settings, bandwidth was 32kilo bits. damn.

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