Single client blocks all other connections when uploading via 4G

  • Hi!
    I have two WAN connections, WAN1 being a fast 4G connection with varying bandwidth and WAN2 being a reliable and slow DSL connection. They are configured to failover which usually works. However, when one single client uses all the upload bandwidth of the WAN1 connection, everything else is just dead (even failover, which usually works fine, fails for the clients to switch over.) In that case WAN1 sometimes is marked as "Latency" oder even "Down".

    However, instead switching all other connections over to WAN2 I'd like to configure WAN1 in such a way that one single user cannot max out all the available upstream bandwidth. I assume this can be achieved by installing some traffic shaping, but I am not really sure on how to set it up with dynamic bandwidth? During night I might have some 30-40mbit while during daytime I might only have 10 to 20 mbit available.

    How can I configure QoS/shaping so that the available outgoing bandwidth is distributed evenly among all clients and not one single client eats up all upload bandwidth?

  • There's something else in there. Packet forwarding is normally done on a first come first server basis. This means that while some device may use most of the bandwidth some other traffic should still get through. What happens if that device that uses all the bandwidth is not connected? Do other devices now work?

  • Netgate Administrator

    You can use dynamic Limiters to share the available bandwidth equally among the connecting IPs.

    You would have to set a total available value though and that may throttle traffic on the DSL connection. The Limiters would need to be on the LAN side to see the different client IPs.