Semi random connection drops (cable modem)

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    I have had this problem with pfsense for a while but at some point gave up on finding a solution. The very same setup in my home has since worked flawlessly after I replaced pfSense with an off-the-shelf router. I want my pfSense back in action though, so I am trying one more time.

    In one sentence the problem I am facing is that at some point traffic will stop passing to and from WAN. My setup involves a cable modem in bridge mode, which is connected to pfSense running on ESXi via the LAN port of the host (Intel NUC), a USB 3 NIC connected to the NUC which is passed to pfSense as the LAN interface and a tp-link switch to connect pfSense to all other devices on the network.

    After a random amount of time, traffic will just stop to pass into or out of the network. When that happens I also can not reach the cable modem on its public IP anymore and the modem itself is fairly hot to the touch. Whenever this happens the modem will at some point reboot which is the only reliable fix I have found so far and its log will show a connection loss on the cable. These "outages" sometimes seemed to happen after I booted up a particular PC on the network to dial into work. But that might be random and not related. I Run basically nothing on pfSense except for a few NAT rules and a OpenVPN server. I have tried updating and reinstalling the system multiple times and have in fact rebuilt it and my whole network setup at least once.

    I have found a few threads with very similar issues where the connection goes down when using a cable modem but none of them had actionable solutions. I am hoping someone on here can help me debug and solve this. If you need particular logs or other info please let me know.

    Thanks for reading.
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  • @jakemendonza said in Semi random connection drops (cable modem):

    I also can not reach the cable modem on its public IP
    Public (WAN) address ? Or it's internal LAN address ?

    Billions of cable modems exists, and they can all have their typical issues.
    Even the 'land line' (the cable) could be 'bad', so it's quiet normal the modem looses track.

    I advise you too hook up a PC directly to the modem, establish a connection, and watch the modem's GUI closely. It will tell you when it goes out o sync, or worse, when it goes flat dead - and reboots.
    For all these issues there is a place where you can obtain solutions : your ISP.

  • @jakemendonza

    When a modem is in bridge mode, it doesn't have a public ID, though the ISP may have an internal address used for management. You would likely be seeing the address assigned to the firewall/router.