openvpn route conflict

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    here is what I am trying to do: I have to sites (pfsense#1 and pfsense#2) connected with 2 unifi nanostations. For bandwith reasons, this is the default link between the 2 sites.
    If something went wrong with the wireless link, I would like the link to be switched to a site-to-site openvpn connection.
    On pfsense#2 I've created a gateway group and set tiering options. I've also set a site-to-site openvpn server on wan2 interface ( virtual network).
    On pfsense#1 I've set a site-to-site client connection.
    Currently, failover between wan and wan2 on pfsense#2 works well. VPN connection is shown as "up" on both side (client and server), but openvpn fails to add proper route because a route to each network already exists on both pfsense:
    pfsense#1 (static route)

    How could I tell the 2 pfsense gateways to ignore previous route to each subnet and use route (on pfsense #1) and (on pfsense#2) instead?

    thanks for your help!

  • Netgate

    If that was me I would put the bridges on their own interface at the pfSense 1 side and create a transit network for the link between the sites.

    In other words, I would get the unify bridge off the LAN over there and on its own interface. Then it's a matter of making router decisions in pfSense itself instead of dealing with asymmetric routing for the hosts on the pfSense #1 LAN.

    But, yeah. In order to swing the routing for the two networks from one interface to the other you might need to use something like FRR/OSPF.

    I would not attempt that before adding the transit network described above though.