Vnstat added to package tree

  • Why now
    Bjorge Dijkstra updated his php-frontend to vnstat with svg support and I do like the quick overview it gives.

    What is it

    vnStat is a network traffic monitor
    vnStat isn't a packet sniffer


    Since vnStat is console mode only I created this script to make a 'nice' report of the data collected by vnStat


    • Do to my noob php skills every nic is added on install. So if a nic is added to your pfSense box later on remove the package and install again.
    • To clear database for a nic, delete it from /var/db/vnstat/
    • update happens every minute.

  • Good job. I'm like this  ;D

  • A stupid question, but do I need some kind of monitoring agent to run in order to get this package to work and collect data?

    Or is installing the package come with the front end + collecting data agent? Is this package considered stable for production envoirments?

  • Or is installing the package come with the front end + collecting data agent


    Is this package considered stable for production envoirments?

    I would say yes, I have been using vnstat with php frontend for some time, But as pfSense user do have a huge variety of setup's it's hard to mark it stable right away.
    For the current status of vnstat

  • Hey Perry,

    I've installed vnstat on three pfsense machines, all of them seem to collect data fine, but the graphs graphics do not work.

    It does show all the data, day, hour in tables etc, but it's not displaying the graphs on any of the three firewalls.

    I've tested with firefox and internet explorer on three different workstations. Pfsense version 1.2.1-RC4 and 1.2.2 and 1.2.0

    I do not have the php frontend package installed like you do btw, just the vnstat package.

    Any idea's what's wrong? The graphs seem to stay gray..and IE shows loading for if it's not able to build the graph. This happends on all three of the firewalls.

    If needed I can show you some pictures or give you live access to the vnstat page :)

  • Prolly the old version of the php frontend you are using, 1.4.1 is the one with svg support.
    Wouldn't the package have been easier to use :P ;D

  • I don't understand your reply Perry.

    • I just installed the vnstat package from the pfsense package list
    • Php frontend is included in the vnstat package  I assume?
    • If the php frontend is not installed, what do I need to do to get this working?

  • Hmm… You got a PM

  • Is there anyway to have a return to dashboard link or something of that nature to return one to the pfsense gui?


  • I just open it in a new tab window.
    Adding a go back link would mean adding something to the php-frontend and I am not sure i want to.

  • Perry thanks for the package!! I've manually added vnstat to my box but i prefer a pkg install i ever had to reformat my box