DNS request timed out on DNS resolver

  • I have configured my pfSense box to host DNS resolver and to listen LAN port.

    Unfortunately, when I am trying to resolve any name from nslookup, it says

    "DNS request timed-out"

    Why? Shouldn't DNS resolver act as DNS server?

  • @dimskraft said in DNS request timed out on DNS resolver:

    DNS resolver

    You have to give more information than that. Settings on the DNS resolver and DNS Server in the General Setup on System.

  • Rebel Alliance Global Moderator

    Resolver and listen on lan port is default out the box configuration so not like you would of needed to do anything for that sort of setup..

    You sure your client is pointing to pfsense? What is the output of your nslookup command, is that pfsense lan IP?

    Did you mess with lan rules? Is the resolver actually running? As mentioned already going to need a bit more info to go on..