Help Needed setting up SquidGuard!

  • Hey there guys!

    So I recently re installed pfsense after trying to make it work with its previous install and now is finally working
    The only thing I need now is to setup squidguard to redirect an address in the shalla blacklist to another address
    Both squid and squidguard are installed, both running, the local cache in the disk is set to 1GB currently I have tried some online guides with no success

    While the services are running the addresses in the blacklist are still accessible
    Currently everything is mostly default and no targeting categories are set
    In common acl target rules are set to all
    Default access all is set to deny
    Redirect is set to ext url redirect and an address is set

    Blacklist is set to on with the address to the blacklist
    The list downloaded and set successfully
    What do you guys think it could be

  • There are many how to's on the youtube and interwebs. Here is one I have saved

    Skip the pfsense install part as it goes through the whole process from pfsense setup to squid, to squidguard, and lightsquid. Squidguard itself is not hard to setup once you have setup you squid transparent proxy which is basically enabling squid, checking transparent proxy, settings caches and that's it for squid then switch to squidguard and configure it. I have squid setup as an HAVP sine it is built into the squid package now and not a separate package before 2.3. Overall there is are many video and guides with pictures to assist in setting up or helping troubleshoot pieces of pfsense you need help with when you google for it such as in your case "pfsense squidguard setup". Don't hesitate you use your Googlefu.