Post your pfSense OpenVPN speed, and what hardware you are using.

  • I'm thinking of buiding a dedicated pfSense box, and I'm interested in what hardware to us, I want to use as low power as possible without loosing more speed than neccessary

    My current pfSense is a ESXI VM running on a Supermicro X10SLM+-LN4F with Xeon E3-1240 v3 and 32GB RAM
    The pfSense VM uses 4 cores and 4GB RAM, and the only plugin I use is pfBlockerNG.

    My ISP speed is a 150/50Mbit/s cable connection, and when I run Ookia Speedtest without OpenVPN it looks like this:
    alt text

    And when I run Ookia Speedtest over OpenVPN it looks like this, and I'm suprised how little it affects the speed:
    alt text

  • I'm running an SG-4860 at home and get nearly the same throughput as I do without VPN. I don't often have an opportunity to fully saturate the line as we have a 1g symmetric f/o connection from Cox at home. I just tried Speedtest running OpenVPN from work where we have 100m symmetric fiber on TWC and got the following:

    Speedtest on TWC Fiber: 90.8/96.1
    VPN to Cox at home on SG-4860: 84.3/91
    little over 6% overhead/reduction due to VPN

    I think this has more or less held true when I've had access to better bandwidth as well. Have never run into an issue where the 4860 is the bottleneck.