Some newbie questions regarding Traffic Shaping

  • Lo there all, first of all, thanks for this great and free product!!!

    Now, here is my question:

    I have a cybercafe, with 17 client machines connected to a pfsense router. I have a 1mbit connection that i want to share with all the machines.

    90% of the traffic is games like CounterStrike, HalfLife, Doom, etc, so i wanna be able to have maximum priority for this, i mean i want to congifure the traffic shapping in a way that even if some users start to download files, the guys playing games don't get latency, etc….
    I tried even to set the "Upper" limit for the "QOthersDown" queue (the web traffic rule points to it), and also assigned 20% of the Bandwidth to it, but no way, when someone downloads a file, he gets maximum bandwidth, and the strange thing is, if i write any thing in the "Upperlimit" field, i just get an error when trying to load the rules, so i must delete the upperlimit on this queue, not being able to limit the bandwidth of the web traffic to, let's say, 60% of my real bandwidth.

    I'm really new to this router honestly, so i'm sure i'm doing something wrong here....
    Any help will be REALLY welcome.

    My Settings:

    Pentium MMX 233 with 96MB of ram running from HD.
    I synced to the latest version on CVS, so my system displays now "1.0-RC1
    built on Mon May 8 22:37:25 UTC 2006"

    Thanks again guys! ;)

    // Diego.

  • Change m2 for the games queues to about 80% of you're bandwidth (depending on direction).  Example 100KB.

    You also want to enable th p2pCatchAll option during the wizard if you have not already.

  • You should get a few MB more ram if possible. We recommend at least 128 MB.

  • @hoba:

    You should get a few MB more ram if possible. We recommend at least 128 MB.

    Good call, that one slipped past me.  Yes 128 is the minimum.

  • Thanks you all for the answers, i will try this and let you know if it works. Thanks a lot again!!

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