Hello – and ipsec vpn errors

  • Well, this is my first post and I mainly wanted to say hello and I'm proud to be using this great product. I work for a non-profit company that has close to 30 different locations. We've been using some linksys VPN routers at all the remote locations and an older Sonicwall at our main office. VPNs were dropping quite often and the Sonicwall didn't offer much in the way of configuration. I'm happy to say I got PFSense up and running as a replacement for the Sonicwall and now have all of our sites connected through a Hub-and-spoke VPN setup so all sites can reach all others. This was not possible with the previous configuration.

    Most of my questions, I've been able to find answers here on the forums. I'm always hesitant to post something only to find out later that it has been answered before so I'll only venture one question for now. I have some regular errors that come up in my IPSEC logs such as:

    ERROR: pfkey DELETE received: ESP[0]->[0] spi=2872094566(0xab30af66)

    Everything seems to be working ok but can someone tell me what this error is actually telling me?

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