Not so much a question, but a Thank You!

  • I've been running pfSense (with common packages such as pfBlockerNG, Squid, Snort, etc.) for about a year now, and it's been nothing but rock solid! I've had a few minor problems but they have been easily fixed with the help of this forum. A big one for me was letting Snort run a proper amount of time before turning blocking on. I had to resist all urges to do it prematurely, but after reading many suggestions on the forum, I waited. I wanted to say thank you for the forum and for the ability to run pfSense free of charge. I did purchase the Gold subscription anyway as a way of showing thanks.

    I guess if I did have a question, it would be is there a rule of thumb on restarting pfsense? Example, my up time is currently 85 days, 13 hours (after installing 2.4.3-p1). I did Google this question, and found excellent suggestions from johnpoz, but they were 2 years old. He said basically that the only time he reboots is when there is a new version update, update to core host software, or when his UPS has run out. Is this still valid? Luckily I have not run out of UPS when the power fails! (knock on wood)

    Thank You! 👍

  • Netgate

    Reboot when you update. Mine is uptime 83 Days 06 Hours 16 Minutes 06 Seconds. That's when 2.4.3-p1 was released.

    If you need to shut it down for some other reason, halt it first with Diagnostics > Halt System before you pull the power.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  • ^ I second what Derelict said about reboots.

    And it's great to hear someone just post a "Thank you"! Developers, Support and Admins will surely appreciate it (e.g. all of the Netgate staff probably).