Lot of problems since Adding Static Routing for a VM Network, no problems when using OVPN...

  • Hello,
    first I will show you my setup before explaining my problem:



    Gateway for is (Using the Lan Interface)

    I have my firewall set up behind my Internet Router. And connected to 2 Cisco Switches 2x24
    connected to one of this switches is the VMNET Host server with the IP which has the internal VMNetwork. I added Static routing and everything worked fine! But now here comes the problmes I dont know if it is because of the Static Gateway for the VMNET or something else but I get random lots of disconnects from my vmnet also I started getting disconnects in my normal Lan network from remote sites which are connected via IPSec (Before it worked fine...) when I use my OpenVPN Client I do not have those problems! So what is the best way to analyize this Problem?

    Thanks for any support :)

  • Can you provide a network map so we can see how things are connected?

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