have torrent running at full speed and when plex, ftp request come i want that to have full bandwidth/ prioritization)

  • cant seen to know how to do this, cant find any info on this, i was able to accomplish this when using ddwrt, need some help
    edit: i was taking a look at this but still cant seen to accomplish what im looking for
    basically what i would like to have is:

      1. ps4 (priority over below services)
      1. plex, ftp etc (priority over below services)
      1. torrent
      1. and also things like port 80,433 etc

    some screenshots: https://imgtc.com/a/2sFJ9YQ
    my original post

    any help will be appreciated, thank you

  • You're using HFSC. You can't do both bandwidth shaping and priority shaping, they're fundamentally pretty much exclusive. What you can do is set the bandwidth on each queue and HFSC will make sure each queue gets the correct amount of bandwidth.

    For example. At one point I had a 64Kbit/s queue for ICMP traffic with HFSC. Even when P2P traffic was using 99Mb/s of the 100Mb connection, I could get a ping that acted as if the connection was idle because HFSC would always make sure ICMP got 64Kbit/s.

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