Watchguard firebox video header pinout

  • There was a header pinout pic on the old pfsense install page for the firebox 550 750 1250. I have yet to come across it again. Does anyone here know it or have a link to it? Any help would be great.

  • The keyboard header?

  • I have a 1250 with a 16 pin (2x8) 2mm idc header. I have found other gear using a one to one pinout but have yet to find it for the firebox. I wish I would have screenshot the pic now. Info on the keyboard header would be good too.

  • I have a cable for the keyboard header somewhere.. I just recycled 6 of those boxes and do not expect to ever have my hands on one again.

    Ill keep my eye out for anything I have and post it..

  • Netgate Administrator

    I'm pretty sure it was a standard pinout for both connectors. The VGA header is 2mm not 0.1" as you say.

    However I don't see anything obvious now. You can probably test the ground pins and infer the rest from their positions... assuming it is standard.


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