How to simulate Daul-WAN in VirtualBox at home ?

  • I need to test a Dual-WAN pfsense before implementing it in production.

    Is it possible to set this up in VirtualBox ?

    Perhaps I could first split traffic into 2 subnets with VM router then I could use those as my virtual WAN-1 and WAN-2 for pfsense VM and one more VM as client on pfsense's LAN side ?

    Any ideas ?

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    Yes, you should be able to do that. As long as the pfSense VM you're testing on has two gateways in different subnets multi-wan will work.


  • Thank you Steve
    I found this Youtube video:
    non-English but very good demonstration of the same idea

    I already built it all in HW (no VirtualBox) : my home router allows me to set different subnets on each LAN port. So I just built a test pfsense box with 3 interfaces and hooked LAN side to the rest of my home network. That way I got a "Dual-WAN" setup ✌
    Everything work fine: I'm able to test Policy routing and manual NAT rules.

    0_1534116449641_Dual-WAN simulation.png

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