Top of the desktop line speculation

  • In order to configure the switch in the XG-7100, a hangout suggests connecting through one of the SFP+ ports so that you are not disconnected when applying changes. However, the Intel x553 does not appear to support 1 Gbps in either fiber or copper. I already have 1 Gbps fiber but not 10 Gbps fiber.

    1. Is it expected that the x553 will eventually support 1 Gbps? It has been a year and a half since initial Intel driver support.

    2. Netgate has changed the SFP+ ports to ones that support 1 Gbps for a few customers. I am wondering what vendor and model of SFP+ this is.

    3. Will the XG-7100 likely remain the top of the line desktop for this year or will there be a newer model?

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