Unwanted State reset after applying new Rules

  • Dear Community, i postet this in the German corner, because of my bad English but ive didn't get an Reply, so i will try it in English, sorry for that double Post!
    So here is my Problem:
    Every time i apply a new rule, all of the active States wil be reset.
    This is a Problem for me, because if i make Changes on my FW Box while anybody is on the Phone, or in an RDP Session the Connection drops.

    If it is necessary i like to reset the states by hand, is there any Switch to change this behavior?

    I got an 2nd PfSense Box, if i apply new rules on this box they become active only to new states.
    This is the behavior it should be as iam understood the documentation correctly.

    Thanks for your Replys!

  • Netgate Administrator

    Do you have 'State Killing on Gateway Failure' or 'Reset all states if WAN IP Address changes' set?

    Those are settings in System > Advanced.


  • Sorry for my late reply, iam verry busy at the moment...
    "State Killing on Gateway Failure" is activated, the other is disabled.

    Should i disable "State Killing on Gateway Failure" ?

    Thanks a lot!!

  • I thinkl disabling "State Killing on Gateway Failure" did it!
    Ive tried it on my testbox, if enabled a small rule change drops active connections.
    If disabled it works as expected.

    I will try it this evening on my main PFSense and report the results!

    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Netgate Administrator

    No problem. Let us know if that doesn't help.


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