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  • Hello community, this is my first time with pfSense. I have a simple configuration to use pfSense as NAT and DHCP (I don't need firewall feature). So I have WAN and LAN interfaces correctly configured. Clients connected through pfSense can ping and obliviously can reach the LAN interface (i.e. I can login into pfSense GUI).

    Then, I configured a LAN VIP (type CARP), this will be used for High Avail configuration later, but for now I would like to test the VIP. Theorically, the clients should have the LAN VIP as gateway, but in this case I loose connections to WAN and LAN. Using the LAN IP I can ping the VIP, btw.

    To recap, on pfSense I have

    On client:

    Could someone help me to understand what's wrong and why I can't use the VIP as gateway?

    Thank you

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You can.

    Please post screen shots of what you have done, in particular the VIP and the LAN interface and the LAN firewall rules.

  • Thank you for reply. First of all, at this stage I'm in my notebook test environment and everything is on VMWare. So I'm trying to do something a little bit complicated.
    I tried to move the VMWare ESXi to a real server, and, with the same configuration everything works as expected. So I don't want to complicate my life, even if I would like to know why with the below schema it doesn't work.

    Btw, now I'm trying to undertsnad why if I setup the LAN VIP as DNS on client, I'm not able to resolve addresses. I already changed the Outgoing network interface to WAN VIP (under DNS Resolver configuration) but still not able to navigate from clients. If I setup DNS as everything work as expected.

    alt text

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    No. I mean pfSense screenshots of what you have done.

    And maybe start simple then get complicated.

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