Netgate SG-4860 WAN will not set to 1000base (full-duplex) with CenturyLink fiber

  • I have a Netgate SG-4860 and CenturyLink Fiber service. pfSense keeps negotiating 100base (half-duplex) when set to autodetect and it will go to full-deplex if I manually set it. It should be able to do 1000base (full-duplex) I believe. My speed test is below 90Mb/s when it should be 900Mb/s. I get around 900 Mb/s when I test with my laptop. What should I do to get pfSense to use 1000base (full-duplex)?

  • Wiring issue perhaps?

  • I figured it out. My port labeled WAN seems to be bad now. I had 4 spare ports so I used OPT4 and now all is back to normal. I'm guessing that the lightning I have had in my area lately might have caused the issue.

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