HA Routing issue...

  • I have two independent connections and failover between the two is working as expected but I have a weird issue. If I want to access a service that just happens to be on the failover network (same subnet) I am unable to get there. I cannot ping etc. So for example:
    Primary connection IP: sub
    Failover connection IP: sub

    If I am trying to access a server that has an ip of 2.2.2.x I am unable to get there. If I switch the primary and failover connections I can. Is there someway to set up routing to that when the primary is active it forces all connections to go through it and ignore the other connection?

    Thank you all for any insight you may have!

  • Do you mean a HA setup with primary/secondary firewalls, or just a dual WAN configuration?
    If you mean a dual WAN, your question has two parts-

    1. You could add a rule to policy route via the Failover connection gateway.
    2. If you have the primary on tier 1, and the secondary on tier 2, it will only use the secondary when the primary is down.
      Or I may have misunderstood. Please add more details. Maybe a diagram.

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