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  • So newbie question. I have pfblockerNG and it does a great job blocking all those annoying ads however every once in a while an ad on YouTube makes it through. This of course made me think, “hey I have pfsense, I wonder if there is a way to look at the traffic and find that websit and block it so they can’t make me watch those ads anymore!” So I find myself here. What’s the best way to actively watch traffic so that I can find those ad sites and add them to my dnsbl and avoid them? Thanks for any help anyone can give

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    Blocking Youtube ADs is like playing whack-a-mole.... They host the ADs on the same domain as the video so it will work sometimes and not others. There are some youtube based AD feeds, but YMMV on their use.

    If you see an AD on a web page, you can right-click on it from the browser and click "inspect". This will show the HTML of that element. If it contains a domain name, then it can be added to a DNSBL customlist to be blocked.

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