HA with Multi Wan PPOE and Bridge

  • We have a two wan/Multi Vlan pfsense setup with one being ppoe and the other a spoofed mac bridge. This is running on a server in a 2016 Hyper-V cluster.
    It would be good to introduce some form of HA but I am not sure how this would work with the bridged Wans. From what I have read it would be possible to put the PPOE on the xecondary on dial on demand but I can see no solution for the bridged modem with the spoofed mac address. If it wasnt on a set of lagged ports serving a whole server it might have been possible to set the switch spanning tree.
    Is there any other alternative?
    Can PFSense run under a Hyper-V Cluster?
    We have tried the modems in normal NAT mode but they are just too flakey when the site gets busy and the no of states climb.
    thanks in advance

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    HA needs static addresses, not PPPoE, DHCP, etc.

    The nodes also need identical interfaces on them.

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