how to change the webadress name

  • so i have a pfsense APU and got everything set up. Now I want to change the usual login way, which currently still is the gateway ip, to something else like for example: is this possilbe?

  • Add an A record to your DNS so that gets resolves to your pfSense LAN IP. If you use pfSense for DNS, then you need a host override.

  • @kom so i am fairly new to setting up a these devices so is this possible from the GUI?

  • That depends on what your DNS is. Are you using pfSense for DNS , or some other server like a Windows AD server?

  • @kom currently the DNS on the pfsense is offline but easily put online through the GUI but then there are several options to choose from and i do have dns knowledge on ubuntu with bind9 and all that fun but with the pfsense you have a dns resolver, dns forwarder and a dynamic dns

  • Never mind dynamic DNS. Enable the DNS Resolver. Add a host override like:

    Host: pfsense
    IP address: <pfSense LAN IP>

    Now when you go to, it will go to your pfsense WebGUI. I'm assuming that your clients are set to use pfSense as their DNS? If not, this won't work at all. That's why I say it depends on what is doing your DNS.

  • @kom that is good to know and it is more for if somethng in the device starts screwing things up that we don't have to disconnect the device and then take it back to the work pc when with the dns it should be able to do it from the workstation that are connected to it but prevent other users that are 'nosey' to try and poke around yes it is all password protected but you know how some users can be if there is a will there is a way

  • @kom well it doesn't seem to work and i ahve been fidgetting around a lot but it doesn't seem to budge any idea why? it might not work?

  • Well, you haven't really answered any of my questions nor have you posted what you have done so it's really hard for me or anyone else to say what's wrong or how to help you.

    1. What exactly are you using for a DNS server? You said not pfSense but then you didn't say what.
    2. Do your LAN clients use that DNS? This is the critical part. UPdating a DNS serve rthat your clients don't use won't do anything.

  • @kom oh yeah sorry about that, i am using the very same device, that being the netgate APU with pfsense on it and that should awnser both questions at once i think cause the only client that is supose to actually get in is the maintinace pc all others should have no acces to it but still be provided with internet acces, which is currently possible

  • OK, so now go to the client PC or whatever it is and check its network settings to confirm that it is using pfSense DNS. If it is getting its network details from a DHCP server , then you need to ensure that this DHCP server is giving out pfSense LAN IP as the DNS for DHCP clients.

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