3th DNS on Pfsense

  • Hi PFSense people,

    at the moment I have a multi-wan setup with 3 WAN sides and 1 LAN side. Now I need 3 DNS servers to let it work proper. Now I need to setup a 3th DNS server. Of course I did some research. Now it seems that the function will apair in PFSense 1.3. Unfornately I aint so experienced with FreeBSD. So I have no clue how to do it manually.

    Could any of you give me some tips where I could search?

    Many thanks!

  • Diagnostics -> Backup/restore
    backup all
    edit the backup.xml and add the 3th <dnsserver>3th-dns-ip</dnsserver>
    restore all

  • Okee thx for the reply.  ;D

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Two things…

    #1: Another way to make a change like this is without a reload is:

    • Make a backup (just to be safe!)
    • Load up a WebGUI page with a save button
    • Switch to a console window
    • Edit /cf/conf/config.xml
    • rm /tmp/config.cache
    • Click "Save" on the WebGUI page you loaded earlier.

    #2: Having said that, I was able to get a third DNS server to take this way -- but -- as soon as I went back to "System > General Setup" and clicked "Save" there, it wiped out the additional DNS servers.

    So it might work, but YMMV...

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