Bookmark to Wake On Lan Page Goes to Home Page Instead

  • I'm using the Wake-on-lan functionality of pfSense. I created a bookmark to /services_wol.php. If I'm logged in to pfSense it works fine, but if I need to log in, it then takes me to the home page instead of the page I requested. Is there any way to make pfSense take me to the page I requested after login?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Logging in always takes you to the dashboard. There is a potential for security problems if it respected a post-login redirect inside the GUI. Imagine if you followed a link or a bookmark to a page that made a delete or disconnect action, for example.

    That is getting better over time as we eliminate anything that takes action just based on a GET but it's still not to a point where it's considered safe to allow a redirect after login.

  • Thanks, I'm glad to hear there is a good reason for not respecting the redirect.

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