php7 on v2.4.3

  • Possible to upgrade to php7 on using 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1?

  • Hi,

    You don't need to do this.

    It has been done already : Home pfSense® Software Messages from the pfSense Team pfSense Software Version 2.4.4-RELEASE Highlights

    When ready, "2.4.3" will upgrade itself to "2.4.4" - this will include, among other, PHP 7.2.

    edit : Implementing PHP 7.0 into 2.4.3 is close to "Mission Impossible 7".

  • Hey,

    Yup, I get that. We have a production machine that is running 2.4.3. Bosses don't want to upgrade it now, but my test environment using the latest snapshot has shown improvements in WebUI speed, rules being applied. They are worried about moving to a snapshot to get the latest performance upgrades.
    As of right now the production F/W hasn't been rebooted in 515 days, and is running with a lot of load on it. Takes close to 10 mins for the UI to refresh after applying a rule. Reboot takes close to 1/2 hour.
    My question ultimately would be, how safe is it to run the 2.4.4 snapshot in a production environment? How far off is the 2.4.4 release? Appliance needs an upgrade sooner then later and I need to find a stable option to move forward with.

  • Well, never ever use a development version as a production platform. Doing so will produce one result for sure : your bosses won't be your bosses for long time.

    Implementing 7.0 into 2.4.3 .... you'll be facing the same future (but why not, it can be done ... the Netgate crew did it)

    Half an hour for booting ? Wow .... what about upgrading the hardware ?

    And consider your system somewhat broken (hacked ?!). 2.4.3 came out a couple of months ago, not 17 month ago.

  • Not my idea to move php7 into 2.4.3. It was just a thought by the bosses in regards to repairing the system.

    1/2 hour boot time. Already upgraded the hardware, and still the same issue. Tried in various VM environments, different resource specs, all with the same results as the production environment.

    As I mentioned, it hasn't been properly worked on in 511 days, regardless, the rules (6200outbound* finally got the real number) bog down 2.4.3 regardless of it's environment and the load averages in the test environments was the same as the production, there was no corruption to report in the backups or implementing of the rules.

    Sucks that we'll have to wait..

  • You won't have to wait long. 2.4.4 is expected to arrive some time in September.

  • Very nice. It's waited this long, I'm sure it can wait a couple more weeks.

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