Can I put more memory in my SG-3100?

  • I have the SG-3100 and I am using DNSBL to block social media I also need to enable TLD but when I do this it uses all the ram and it locks up so I want to put more memory in

  • Do you have an SSD installed and configured? If so, you can add a swap file. Unfortunately, the memory of the board cannot be upgraded.

  • I tweeked a few things and now have all the ram I need I have always found the using a swap file is slow this may not be the case on the sg-3100. I cant believe a board that cost me this much I cant put more ram in

  • @msf2000 said in Can I put more memory in my SG-3100?:

    add a swap file
    I cant seem to find good documentation on this do you have a link for adding a swap file for Memory.

  • @dgall
    Adding a swap file for any Linux or FreeBSD host is easy.

    1. add this line to the file /etc/fstab
      md99 none swap sw,file=/pagefile.bin 0 0

    2. create a blank file of size 1 GB
      dd if=/dev/zero of=/pagefile.bin bs=4096 count=262144

    3. enable swap (or just reboot as a test):
      /sbin/swapon -a

    4. verify swap is enabled

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