Pfsense LAGG/LACP to Cisco switch does not work.

  • After 3 hours of trying, I do need some help with my LAGG (LACP) configuration.
    Pfsense Version 2.3.5-RELEASE (internet is not connected atm.).

    There are 3 Gigabit Ports on my Pfsense (1 WAN, 2 LAGG).
    The Pfsense is always the first IP in every VLAN and the Cisco switch the second IP.

    I have no clue where the problem is, can't ping anything...

    Here are some Screenshot of my configuration.


    Interface every interface is configured like the following

    Interfaces overview

    Interfaces Dashboard

    Log while connecting cable

    Cisco Configuration

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    confused which device are you wanting to route between your vlans? You have all the vlans on pfsense, but then you have routing enabled on the sg250?

    If you want pfsense to route between the vlans, then the gateway for these vlans would be pfsense. If you want switch to route then the connection to pfsense would just be at transit and pfsense would not have interfaces in these downstream vlans.

    Why don't you draw up what you want to happen exactly.

  • you're right, i might have a routing problem but the ping between pfsense and switch should work anyway.

    I want the pfsense to handle all the traffic as the gateway.

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    Then why do you have routing enabled on your switch? And to be honest why do you even have svi enabled on every vlan? If pfsense is going to be the router, then all your doing is layer 2 on your switch.. You just need 1 svi to admin it on - which should reside on your admin vlan, etc.

    What exactly do you think the laggs are going to get you to your nas for example? Are you that worried about port/interface failure? Do you have enough clients to require the 2 x 1 interfaces? Why do you have your nas in 2 vlans? Are you running vms on it or something you want in a different vlan?

    To be honest I would get your network working without lagg, your layer 2 setup your switch... Then once you have it all working you can move over to lagg if you really want it.

  • I already disabled the routing on the switch, that was a mistake and now only my management vlan has an static ip.
    There are a lot of copy jobs on the nas and external accesses, thats why i would like to have lagg and two vlans on it. For the vsphere server i dont necessarily need lagg.

    For now, this project is for my further education but goes live after its finished and i thought this setup might be usefull in the future. I know all depends on how we will use the infrastructure, it might be overkill.
    In the end i'm also intrested in getting this setup working to learn something. :)


    I watched a tutorial where the guy added a separate interface just for lagg on the pfsense. Should that be my management network instead of my VLAN_20_MGT...? but it is not a vlan and also not on the switch, i dont get it.
    Youtube Video – [06:17..]

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    on pfsense your management would be any IP on pfsense that you allow access to the webgui/ssh on. Can be anything you want - its normally on lan interface and this is where the idiot proof nonlock out rules are listed ;)

    As to your switch - what you call your admin vlan is up to you.. It could be vlan 1 (default untagged vlan) or any other vlan you want it to be on. Mine is on vlan 9 for example.

    As to lagg and logs of copy jobs? From where to where? From same client or lots of clients.. People really misunderstand how a lag works most of the time... It is not 1+1=2, its just 1 and 1.. Which if you have lots of sessions running to different mac address depending on the method used to determine which traffic goes over which physical path you can end up getting to 2 total, etc..

    Are you going to be using smb3 multichannel to copy the files with?

    So do you have it working now with single connections no lag and your vlans routing/firewalling between each other on pfsense?

  • The copy jobs will be between nas to vsphere and external. Probably it will be smb3, i did not decide yet.
    After removing the whole lagg config on pfsense and switch it works!

    I can work with that but i'm still interested why it did not work with lag...