Old Copper Cico Router to New AT&T Router on SG-8860 pfSense Firewall

  • Hi everyone! I am very new at managing a LAN and so would really appreciate any advice on this matter.

    Basically, we are upgrading routers to be able to obtain 150 x 150 mbps fiber speeds. So the old cisco 1921 router on copper is being supplanted by an AT&T managed high-end router. We have a netgate SG-8860 pfSense firewall gateway connected to the WAN on the Cisco router which then goes to 5 Juniper Ex 24 port switches.

    My question is, aside from AT&T network engineers doing the public IP migration of static IPs on their endpoint, is there anything crucial I should focus on in our firewall configuration to ensure that the new speeds are not compromised by our firewall?

    I am learning as I experience so I would be ingratiated to any expertise shared.


  • Netgate Administrator

    The SG-8860 should pass 150Mbps without breaking a sweat. You would have to try very hard to make to not pass that. So from that point of view I would not expect any issues.

    Unless you are deliberately throttling with traffic shaping a throughput of less that 150Mbps would be in indication of something badly misconfigured such as a speed/duplex mismatch on an interface.


  • Hey Steve, thanks for the information.

    I will be sure to avoid any firewall mis-configuration and verify the current settings - as they were implemented before I had the job - do not cause any speed loss errors on bandwidth throughput.

    Much appreciated.

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