Will changing router IP change all ips in firewall rules?

  • I have a situation where I am looking at changing the router subnet from to, and I have allot of rules in the firewall.

    If I change the pfsense IP is there an easy way for all the ips in the rule section to be changed to the new 192.168.100.X automatically?

  • That depends on how you wrote your rules.

    If your LAN is and you use in the default rule on the LAN as "source": "subnet:"
    Then yes you will need to rewrite all your rules.

    However if you use as "source": "subnet: lan-subnet" then you wont have to change the rule.

  • I'm new to this so bear with me :D

    An example of a rule from the pfsense box right now is something like this:

    Proto Source Port Destination Port Gateway Schedule
    TCP  *  *  13500  *

    In NAT its:

    If Proto Ext. port range NAT IP Int. port range Description

    WAN  TCP  13500 (ext.:  13500

    our LAN is / 24

  • Use aliases in your rules.
    Like this you only have to change the alias.

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