A quick question from pfSense newbie

  • I installed pfSense VM on unRAID server. It is working nice and many thanks for such a nice software. I am not sure if it is a real problem, but I have a quirk on my installation.

    First some info on my setup:

    unRAID (host)
    eth0: on mobo. static IP:
    eth1: inactive

    pfSense (Virtual Machine)
    eth2: passthrough to pfSense, static IP:, LAN, connected to the switch
    eth3: passthrough to pfSense, static IP: my public IP, WAN

    My problem is that the host ( is not accessible on LAN unless eth0 is connected to the switch. Is this normal? Isn't it possible pfSense and host communicate internally as both are on the same machine? Do I have to connect the host to the switch?

    I would appreciate any help.

  • Since there is no internal connection between the host and pfSense, that's an expected behavior.

    You may configure the eht2 as a virtual bridge instead of passthrough and give the host an IP on it, or add an additional virtual network and interfaces to both the host and pfSense for management access.