Delays when one wan goes down when load balancing enabled

  • I have the majority of my Firewall / Rules / Lan set to use my first failover gateway group which has WAN tier1 and WAN2 tier2. I then have a dual balancing gateway group to handle everything else. then after that I have another rule for everything to go through first failover gateway group.

    The weight of wan2 is 10 so im basically just trying to use it a little bit just so I don't feel like its completely wasted as just a standby failover. If I cause WAN2 to go down by unplugging the isp connection (not ethernet) theres a few seconds where I can't access any pages and I don't understand why that is. If the weight is 10 and the router doesn't realize the connection is down yet why would I not be able to continue browsing in those few seconds before it registers the failover since the vast majority is going through WAN1? If I disable the load balancing rule completely then the stall doesn't happen. I know I can make it register the failover much faster but the stall happening at all confuses me.

    Im new to pfsense and a little spoiled by peplink but I needed more throughput than the affordable peplink routers provide.

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