Dual WAN Setup, Can I assign devices to second WAN?

  • Hi guys,
    I have Pfsense setup in a dual wan configuration with failover configured and working.
    WAN1 = 1GB
    WAN2= 100mb

    I currently have all my devices using WAN1 since its the faster of the two and failover is working so if WAN1 goes down WAN2 picks up. However, I want my business VoIP phones to use WAN2 as primary, but switch to WAN1 if it goes down.

    Is this scenario possible?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  • @bnelsonjax i'm kind of new to pfsense but you setup a gateway group for your failover right? wan1 tier1 wan2 tier2 then you made a firewall rule for all traffic to that gateway group right?

    If so you just make another gateway group but this one is wan1 tier2 wan2 tier2 then when you make the firewall rule you specify the source as the voip device and assign it to the new gateway group you added.

    Edit: oh and you put the firewall rule above the old one of course on the list.

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