Usb thumb drive stopped working

  • I looked at the FAQ, wiki and searched the forum but didn't find anything related…

    I'm running live CD version of 1.2-Release with configs stored on a usb thumb drive.
    After running for about 55 days, I found out I can't accessing anything under the
    /cf or /tmp/mnt/cf mount point anymore

    The mount still shows up from mount and df -k but I can't even do a proper
    ls -al /cf

    A short while after I discovered this issue, the Traffic Graph stopped updating as well.
    (clock keeps ticking, but no data)

    A reboot was required to clear this. (i.e. the thumb drive itself is okay)

    So, my questions are… anybody seen this before?  Known issue? Any fix?  I don't want
    to reboot my router every X days.


  • pfSense 1.2.2 is the current release version, and 1.2.3 is in pre-release beta.  You're running and outdated version of pfSense.  Upgrade.

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