automate install from template config

  • I'm looking for a way to install pfsense with zero user interaction from an existing config.xml, I've looked at two existing posts without any success (9 year old posts) and this doc ( which also doesn't work. "restore existing config" just resets back to menu.

    Are there any current docs describing how to automate these things?

  • I was able to modify these two files to fit my needs, removing all prompts and selecting which options work with my hardware, I would appreciate a standard/supported way to do this.


    mdconfig -a -t vnode -f pfSense-2.4.3-Custom.img
    mkdir FreeBSD_Install
    mount /dev/ufs/FreeBSD_Install FreeBSD_Install

    edit the files listed, remove prompts, etc.

    umount FreeBSD_Install
    mdconfig -du md1

    Write your new img file to usb, I also put my config file at /root/ and updated the path check from /tmp/recovered_config to /root/config.xml

    if [ -r /root/config.xml ] ; then
            /bin/cp -r /root/config.xml ${BSDINSTALL_CHROOT}/cf/conf/
            # Set a flag to let the installed system know this may need extra processing
            /usr/bin/touch ${BSDINSTALL_CHROOT}/cf/conf/installer_copied_config
            # Only set the package sync flag if the restored config.xml contains active packages
            if [ `/usr/bin/grep -c '<package>' ${BSDINSTALL_CHROOT}/cf/conf/config.xml` -gt 0 ]; then
                    /usr/bin/touch ${BSDINSTALL_CHROOT}/cf/conf/needs_package_sync_after_reboot
            # If there is an existing configuration, then there is no need to run the wizard.
            if [ -r ${BSDINSTALL_CHROOT}/cf/conf/trigger_initial_wizard ]; then
                    rm -f ${BSDINSTALL_CHROOT}/cf/conf/trigger_initial_wizard

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