XG-7100 'Errors Out' for all Interfaces after Reboot

  • Hi,

    my new XG-7100 is configured to have 8 single Interfaces, I have 3 active at the moment (1 for WAN, 2 for LAN).
    When I reboot the machine it comes up with 2 to 4 'Errors Out' for all interfaces, but they will not increase in run-time later once the Box fully booted.
    Is this a known issue?


  • hi

    first of all, have you control all patch cables ?
    secondly, is any switch ports ok ?

    good luck and have fun

  • I already replaced all 3 Cables. Each Port ist connected to another physical switch...I don't think each individual switch is causing the same error?!


  • Idea anyone? 😕
    Same problem with my second XG-7100...even with assigned Ports with no Cable plugged in.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If it's just single digit errors when the ports are initialized that may very well be normal. You'll see an error or two even on regular interfaces sometimes when link goes up/down or when they are initialized.

    Unless the errors are numerous and increasing over time, it's not likely to be anything worth worrying about.

  • I have not seen the errors increasing over time, so everything should be fine.
    Thanks for the explanation @jimp