Need Urgent Recomendation MB Died on me

  • Hello, my mb just died on me (a intel dq77kb started making a noise, like air cumming out of it noise, and started to power down)... I need do replace my current system asap, and I'll take the chance to improve to be compatible with future PfSesense 2.5.

    So my needs:

    • I have a 1000/200 connection, I would like to take advantage of it
    • I use OpenVPN a lot
    • I must use Suricata
    • Noise is not a factor
    • Mini ITX system, I would like to keep my M350 case, but if I need i ca replace it with a M300 for example.
    • I don't want mb with integrated CPU, I prefere to have all components separated.
    • A lest dual intel NIC

    I like a lot MB from SuperMicro, because I use a lot IPMI management on my other servers, if the MB haves IPMI or something like that that allows me to fully manage it without a monitor and keyboard, it would be great.

    So need urgent recommendation to a MB and CPU, I prefere a bit overkill to be safe on the future, and the insurance will cover the material, so I can get better (not super expensive, but a lot better)

    Please advice.
    Thank You

  • So my plan is going with

    • Asus P10S-I
    • Intel Core i3-6100
    • 4 or 8 gb of ram


  • Any recommendation?

    Thank You

  • If you're wiling to consider a refurb, this looks like quite a good deal: