No access from one subnet to another

  • Hi there,

    i have two LAN subnet´s. One is LAN and the second is GUEST. In the Lan subnet i have a Plex Media Server. Now i´m trying hard to get it accessable from the Guest subnet, with no luck.

    What i have done is to set a PASS firewall rule at the top in the Guest firewall:

    Protocol: IPv4 TCP/UDP

    Source: GUESTnet

    PORT: *

    Destination: 'plexserverip'

    Port: 32400

    Gateway: *

    Even if i define no destination port and set the protocol to IPv4 any, i can´t even ping from the Guest subnet to the plex server.

    THX for your ideas.

  • Post a screenshot of what you have actually done, not a description of what you think you have done.

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    Exactly.. Many times users says they did X when they really did Y..

    Maybe you are blocking rfc1918 on your guest interface? So you setup plexserverip as an alias? maybe that is not working - view your alias in the table section under diag. Does it list the correct IP?

    Simple sniff is always good - since on your lan.. Do you see the traffic going to your plex server.

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    This post is deleted!

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