Some newbie questions Part II

  • Ok, i have some more newbie questions.
    Thanks to everybody that answered to my previous questions on my other topic, actually it is working really good.
    Now, i attached an image to this post with 2 highlighted sections.

    My first question is:

    The First field on the queue configuration is called "Bandwidth", i assume that this is relative to the TOTAL qwanroot bandwidth…... correct ???
    My second question: if i set a value of for example 40% (like i did) on the m2 upperlimit filed, is this relative to the Bandwidth percentage allowed to this specific rule (the first field on the page), or is this relative to the total qwanroot bandwidth ????.

    Finally, a last question.... what are the "link share" values for ???

    Im sorry for my lack of experience with this, but i used to use another router called "BrazilFW", but this one failed to do a really good traffic shaping, now pfSense is working excellent so far, but i want to learn all the details regarding the trafic shaping options.

    Thanks a lot. ;)

    // Diego.

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