SG-3100 performance issues with PPPOE connection

  • Hi all,

    This week I received my SG-3100, it is connected to a fixed wireless connection from my ISP. 50/20 service connected directly to a Ubiquiti Powerbeam 5AC 500. Which has excellent line of sight and connection.

    Currently when I do a speed test I am getting 9-15 down 15-20 up from a wired in computer on the network.

    To troubleshoot I did the following

    1. Replaced the cable between the powerbeam and the sg-3100
    2. Connected my laptop to the Powerbeam directly and started a PPPoe connection. Result Download 45 upload 20. Pretty much full speed
    3. Downloaded a file from within the SG-3100 using fetch. Result: Same poor speed as from the computer
    4. Repeated above test with the ISP network support watching the connection.

    When the laptop is connected it is running full speed all is good.

    When Pfsense is in between the laptop and the web it is doing a stop start download speed. Apparently it pulls full (50) then low ( 5) then full ( 50 ) then low you get the idea.

    I have disabled squid and have made no other changes from the default settings of the PFsense box apart from setting my username and password for Pfsense.

    I am at a loss what else could be effecting this.

    The pppoe0 connection has an mtu of 1492 which the ISP says is correct. mvneta2 has a MTU of 1500, should this be 1492?

    Any help tracking this down would be appreciated as this is a bit frustrating


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    @murraybryant said in SG-3100 performance issues with PPPOE connection:

    Ubiquiti Powerbeam 5AC 500

    In Status > Interfaces is the WAN port negotiating Media 1000baseT <full-duplex>?

    Any in/out errors or collisions?

    Who is doing the PPPoE? The wireless device or pfSense?

  • @derelict

    Hi sorry for the late reply

    Work has been crazy. The 3100 is stable but still slow so I am back now trying to continue the troubleshooting.

    In answer to your questions.

    Pfsense is doing the PPPoE and because of this there is no Media information under WAN in Status>interfaces

    There are no in/out errors or collisions showing either



  • Hi everyone

    Was hoping someone has some ideas on how to trouble shoot my issues.

    Currently the SG-3100 is an expensive lemon, unable to connect to a PPPOE connection with any kind performance.

    Do I need to put an external router between my internet connection and the box. Which feels crazy!