VPN advice

  • Hi All

    Just new to pfSense and have a question about OpenVPN, I followed the NordVPN tutorial to setup pfSense to use my NordVPN account.


    What I am wanting to know is there a quick way to enable and disable all my devices going through my VPN, not on an individual basis, all or nothing, just so I can quickly route my traffic via VPN and no VPN without having to change a lot of settings.

    Sorry if this is a basic simple question.


  • I don't use this service, but a quick look at those instructions and it seems to me you'd want to do the following:

    At step 10, make a copy of the rule you created, edit it and change the gateway back to the default gateway. Make sure this rule is the last one in the list. Save the changes.

    When you want to route everything thru the vpn, leave things as is. When you want to route everything thru your ISP, disable the vpn gateway rule by clicking on its check mark and saving the changes.

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