Filtering Kids Content With UniFi AP's and pfSense?

  • Hi,

    I have an HP Microserver running pfSense, AP-AC-Lite & an AC-LR

    I currently have 4 wifi SSID's setup

    1, Main For The Adults

    2, Smart Home (For all the smart switches etc)

    3, Kids

    4, Guest

    I understand that by using OpenDNS Family Guard DNS settings this will block Adult Content but I only want it for the kids Wifi (No Wired Devices In The House For Kids)

    Is this possible with UniFi or pfSense or do I need to buy a USG? (Disney Circle I am not interested in)

    Many Thanks!

  • are these all on the same subnet?

    pretty sure under the DHCP settings, you can define the DNS for that subnet. Where you would run your regular DNS to your other computers, then anything going to the Kids network could run the OpenDNS servers.

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