Fonts in Word are not displayed correctly.

  • I use OpenVPN to connect to my windows 10 Pro Desktop through Microsoft RDP client.
    The display quality of the remote session is excellent. However the quality of the fonts in MS Word 2007 is left to be desired.
    Only the fonts seem to be affected. That's odd, I wonder why that is.

    Can somebody shed a light on this? The few options in RDP client are already set to maximum.

    Thank you

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    And what does this have to do at all with even openvpn or pfsense??

    Moving this to General Section.

  • I'm pretty sure it's not an OpenVPN problem. You said your RDP client options are set to a maximum. But, have you specifically turned on Font Smoothing under the RDP Experience tab?

    EDIT: Also, does the resolution of the local screen match that of the remote screen?

  • Well I don't have this issue when I sit in front of my PC, so I am looking something else to blame on.
    And apparently it does not occur in Word 2007 but also my windows desktop, might be a trifle in Windows 10, I don't know.

    I will check the Font Smoothing and report back

    Thank you

  • @beremonavabi Well it seems I have overlooked something. Indeed the Font Smoothing was not marked.

    Thank you for those who took effort to read my post.

    Thank you