Service Watchdog Restarts every minute

  • Service Watchdog itself was crashing and restarting every minute for the past few weeks. I finally removed it to stop the notification spam, but I liked having it in case something stopped.

    I did try reinstalling the service, to no avail.
    It was also reporting that the PFBlockerNG DNSBL service was stopping at the same time, but I don't believe it was because after I reinstalled it it stopped pointing that one out, and included a different one that was not even running (which I accidentally added to monitoring without thinking), though that one stopped when I removed it from the watchdog list.

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    What was the exact error message? Without that, it's impossible to help.

    Also it is not a daemon, but a cron job that runs once per minute. So it was actually failing to run.

  • Oops, should have included that.

    16:47:00 Service Watchdog detected service watchdogd stopped. Restarting watchdogd (Watchdog daemon)

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    What hardware is this running on? Did the config move from one hardware setup to another?

    Curious as it's possible your current hardware doesn't have watchdogd to run, or it might be disabled.

    watchdogd bears zero relation to the Service Watchdog package. watchdogd is a hardware watchdog daemon for detecting hardware lockups. It isn't present on all hardware, only on a few models (e.g. SG-1000, SG-3100, SG-2220/2440/4860/8860)

    If your hardware has that daemon, it will show under System > Advanced, Miscellaneous tab in the Watchdog section. If that section isn't shown on the page, the hardware doesn't have a watchdog function.

    You can remove that daemon from the Service Watchdog package monitoring list and it will probably be OK.

    You normally wouldn't/shouldn't put every service on the box into Service Watchdog anyhow, only ones that have a history of stopping and needing to be restarted in your specific environment.

  • Ah, ok that would explain it. I did move it from an sg-1000 to different hardware that does not have it. Thanks!

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