SG-2440 stopped working

  • my homebased SG-2440 stopped working yesterday. just up and, i guess, died, for lack of better description. attempted to plug it back in to power and leds would come on, but no access via LAN ip or SSH or ping during that time frame. after a couple of minutes it would shutdown again.

    unit was purchased in june 2015, pretty much flawless operating for 3 years. passed warranty period so i don't think i can put in a support ticket or can i??

    i tried a different wall wart power adapter from an earlier 12v fw-525B unit, same results.

    anyone got some troubleshooting tips for this?

  • I'd contact Netgate anyway... they may have leniency on the warranty. They extended the warranty on their Atom C2xxx based devices because of a flaw with the CPU... while I believe it was an extension to 3 years, you're only just a couple of months outside that, so it's at least worth the ask to see what they can do.

  • Galactic Empire

    Yes, as @virgiliomi says, please contact our support @BxuEyE4. They will diagnose the issue and suggest a solution. You can contact our support by opening a ticket here. Thanks!

  • @virgiliomi , i'll contact them. @ivor , thanks for the link.

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